Monday, November 26, 2012

Wish Fulfillment


We have so much to catch up on. Let's go in chronological order, shall we?

First, Philly Half Marathon.

I had a blast spending the weekend, with some of my favorite people (including my CrossFit coach, the Fit Gent).

I am very new to running and still working on speed, so my time was unimpressive: 2:16

I plan on running another half in April and I would like to focus on speed, I'd like to finish in 2:10.

My girl, Sam (pictured) finished in 2:05 and Will, my Fit Gent, finished in 1:44! So proud of these two!

Yes, I'm too cheap to buy the actual photos. I'd rather spend my money on new shoes. Or food. Say something.

Sam's boyfriend, Ryan, hardly trained and, mid-race, decided to run the Full Marathon. So, we all finished, showered, relaxed, went out to eat, ordered drinks, and then Ryan joined us -- 2 hours later.

Yes, his bib says his name is Rachel.
Running, relaxing, and eating my weight in carbs is very tiring, so we all took naps on the way home.

So proud.

Secondly, how was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was as splendid as mine. I spent time with family and shopped a little bit. But mostly, I relaxed.

It. Was. Perfection.

After the race on Sunday, I didn't feel the need to jump right back into running or CrossFit, so I took a couple of days off and jumped right back in by Wednesday. It hurt.

I did not get a picture of our Turkey Day festivities. I did, however, snap a shot of the most painful WOD I've performed to date.

 Courtesy of my favorite CF coach, this WOD was performed 12 Days of Christmas style. Starting with 2, then 3, 2, then 4, 3, 2, then 5, 4, 3, 2...etc. The big spin was that these exercises took place on alternating floors of the building, so we had to climb up and down stairs between each set. It took me over an hour. I took the next two days off to recover from the mental and physical exhaustion. I'm such a wuss.

Thankfully, during those next two days I devoured some delicious things. I snapped photos of two of my fav meals:


Lamb chop carcasses and apple crumble. I realize the crumble looks like piles of poo, but it isn't. It's delicious.

Lastly, it's about that time when wishlists begin making their way around my family. And, while I love knowing what my family really wants, I value the element of surprise way too much to ask them. My parents always give me one or two things and I HATE that they know what they're going to get! So, I don't even ask for lists. Selfish? Maybe.

I did, however, fulfill some of my own wishes from my list this weekend. One of which being...

Leopard heels. Hot ones.

Bam. So exciting. The boy and I are going out of town this weekend for a wedding in New Orleans, so I will definitely be breaking these out. Pictures forthcoming.

Until then, have fun being bad.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Buzzkills on buzzkills

OMG, friends. My last post was read by the most people EVER. So exciting!! Although, it may include the times I read maybe not that many people are reading me. It's possible....

But unlikely. Cuz I'm the shit.

Friends, I'm sorry I've been a lazy blogger. To be honest, my meals have been really boring for a few reasons. I'll make a list.
  1. I spent a boatload of my moolah preparing for the apocalypse (Hurricane Sandy).
  2. I'm moving soon (still in NYC, don't worry) and need to save for that because it is expensive with a capital E. 
That's really it. Short list.

So, most of my breakfasts have been eggs and brown rice tortilla or oatmeal. Most of my lunches have been soups or microwave meals (ick). And most of my dinners have been hummus and carrots (or blue corn chips, yum). Why would I take pictures of that stuff. Blah.

Just kidding, I took a picture of my breakfast the other day.

I had goat milk yogurt. It was pretty good! I put some slivered almonds and honey in there and it was delish. Good on-the-go or at-the-desk option.

After Sandy dissipated, her evil cousin the Nor'Easter came to visit and left a blanket of snow over everything. It was bananas. Didn't think I'd have to deal with this sloshy mess for a while. But, it didn't stick. It all melted :)

 Another reason I love New York City, aside from the nice people and weather (sarcasm), is the access to art (not sarcasm).

The boy and I went to see an installation by Tatzu Nishi in Columbus Circle. It was incredible. This brilliant guy built a living room around our Columbus statue. The pictures from the Public Art Fund are much better than mine, so check out the link. But I got a few keepers:

 But, before I did that, I went to the boy's parent's house to help with clean up. We took a tour of what's left of the homes in Long Beach. It's not pretty, friends.

Most people have emptied their homes of everything due to flood damage, so you're driving around seeing people's entire life out on the curb. Also, many cars were totaled. Most have writing on the windows from insurance companies demonstrating that they've assessed the vehicles and declared them a loss.
One last buzzkill real quick. Looting is also a big problem after a disaster. But, not for this guy. "Looters will be shot" keeps 'em away pretty well.

All that to say this, donate your shoes. Or the sweater you wore to last year's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Or some type of warm clothing or blankets or something. It will make someone's hard time a little easier.

Thanks for checking in. Sorry for not having more pictures of the things I've been eating.

Need a pick-me-up after this downer post? Check out my song of the year. Don't like pop music? Too bad. My blog. My rules.

Til next time, have fun being bad.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Sandy, that bitch.

Welp, it's been over a week. Let's talk about that bitch Sandy.

She ravaged the East Coast and left over 100 people dead. Truly unbelievable. Leading up to the storm, I was very nervous. Being from Florida, I understand how weather can really take you by surprise and know that government officials prepare people for the worst because they typically don't know how bad it will be until it's happened. 

Sandy forecast.
 Clearly, I was not the only person who was nervous, because my local grocery store (which is usually packed) was INSANE.

And, I bought enough food to last me over a week. I could hardly carry my basket!

But, luckily for us, Sandy ended up being nothing more than a rainstorm where we were. So, the boy and I locked ourselves in the apartment and made some scrumptious grub, leaving only briefly for replenishment of resources (read: bacon). Our days were lazy and delicious. Let me show you.


For our first night, we cooked up our steaks with some steamed veggies and wine (beer for the boy).

Then we polished off our pints from the weekend. This Dark Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream was DIVINE and eased my stress :)

The next morning, I was served eggs (one yolk, two whites) with onions and peppers, gluten free toast, and bacon. Am I spoiled?


That night, we snacked on chips and salsa for dinner. The next morning, we stuck with what worked and had the same breakfast. It was equally as delicious the second time around. Even though we ran out of bacon and I decided to skip it altogether. It was okay, though, because we continued our love affair with fried pig fat later that evening...

Bacon wrapped asparaguses. Asparagi. Multiple pieces of asparagus.
Nom nom nom.
The next day we drove out to Long Island to help the boy's parents clean up their house after Sandy flooded their first floor (sad face). To keep things positive, we dressed up for Halloween as, what else? 


 Enjoy laughing at my shenanigans. And, as always, have fun being bad.