Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm baaaack

Friends, I'm the worst. I have been crazy busy since the holidays, but I promise to get back on some sort of schedule.

I always have a resolution or goal that I'm working towards, so New Years generally isn't anything special. But, I will share with you a few of my resolutions for 2013:
  1. Lose 10 pounds. Yes, I know I'm not fat. No one said anything about that. Just want to get lean and eat less chocolate.
  2. Save money. 
  3. Double unders. I hate them. Must dominate them. And then be able to string them together.
  4. Strict pullup. That's right. I just want to get ONE.
  5. Cut out desserts and chocolate. I just can't control myself. If there is chocolate around. I'm eating ALL OF IT. I don't know how long of a hiatus this will be. But, I'm going for as long as I can. Hopefully until Nike Women's Marathon in April.
 So, them's my goals and I'm hoping that posting them here will help me stick to them.

My good friend and kick ass running coach, Heidi Jones, has initiated a sugar detox. She and I did this same thing a few months ago and it really is amazing. Once you're aware that sugar is in everything, you'll see that it is LITERALLY. IN. EVERYTHING.

The thing that's bad about sugar is that it causes a number of reactions in your body that do not help to make you stronger, faster, smarter, or happier. I won't go into the science of it, because I'm sure to mess it up. So, below are some links to the sciencey stuff, for those who care.

MDA -- Definitive Guide to Sugar
MDA -- Sugar Suppresses the Immune System
NYT -- Is Sugar Toxic?
YouTube -- Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Heidi and I are working together to spread knowledge of the evils of sugar. So, please feel free to ask questions here or in person. If I don't know the answer, I will direct you towards someone who does!

Have a great weekend and, as always, have fun being bad.