Friday, October 19, 2012

The last to come are the first to go

Houston, we have a problem.

All that gobbling of sugar and junk food helped me gain 5 pounds and lose a little confidence.

This is the problem with sugar and processed food. It makes your metabolism erratic which makes you hungry more frequently. It also makes you crave more sugar and processed food. So when you're hungry an hour later? You eat more crap. And this is the vicious cycle we fall into. I fall FELL into.

But, I am immediately digging myself out of this hole that makes me feel lethargic, unmotivated, puffy, hungry, unsatisfied, and insecure.

Here's my plan:
  1. NO PROCESSED FOOD. No multi-ingredient junk that comes out of a bag, box, or wrapper. Aside from the few single- or low-ingredient staples of mine: fruit-sweetened jam/jelly, almond milk (unsweetened vanilla), brown rice tortillas, salsa, you get the point...
  2. No carbs when I'm not at home. I usually only eat out for dinner. So, no taters, bites of desserts, rice, or plantains unless I'm making them at home.
  3. Sleep more. Shut everything down (TV and computer) at 9pm on weekdays and read or go to sleep.
  4. DO NOT SKIP SCHEDULED WORKOUTS. I'm going to start scheduling my week on Sundays and will not miss unless I am feeling sick or rundown. Most weeks will look like this:
Sunday: Off
Monday: CF
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: CF
Thursday: Run
Friday: Off
Saturday: Long Run

I am not posting this for attention. I don't want people to tell me I'm not fat or that I look cute. I'm not saying I'm fat. I'm just saying I'm uncomfortable. And this will make me feel better. Writing it here will keep me accountable. I will stick to this plan until Thanksgiving. Then all bets are off.

Kidding. Not all bets are off, but I will let myself have sweet potatoes for dinner on Thanksgiving, kids. I'm not crazy.

Ha. Kidding. I'm totally cray. But in the good, fun-loving, quirky, New Girl kind of way, right? Yup.

'Till next time, have fun being bad.