Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Girl Eats...wait, what?

So, I've discovered that yogurt is my new favorite topping. For pretty much everything. 

If you remember, I plopped it on top of some pancakes a few weeks ago and was delighted with the result.

Well, over the weekend, I bought a pb&j bar while picking up some ice cream at Sustainable NYC. I had half of it for breakfast on Tuesday and the other half this morning.

This time, I paired it with some yogurt and blueberry maple syrup. I'm pretty obsessed with the warm, gooey + cool, crisp texture combination. It's rocking my world right now.

Dinner last night was pretty stellar.

Baked Garlic Chicken with roasted taters and sautéed kale.

And lunch today was pretty tame, too:

Baked salmon with roasted cauliflowers and leftover kale.

Look at me being all'll even out the shit I'll be eating this weekend, no doubt.

In other news, I need to share some very exciting news: there is someone on the planet as obsessed with pb&j as I am. Her name is Averie. See? I'm not alone.

Granted, a lot of her recipes contain sugar and flour, so I'll have to make some edits.

But, you can bet your bonnets I'll be recreating these recipes one at a time. Let me know if you try any!

'Til next time, have fun being bad.