Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Breaking up is hard

So, I've realized why/how I can't get a photo of everything I eat. I eat it too fast.

My lunch today was a mishmosh of beef/shrimp pad thai and kale quinoa salad. Would you like to see a picture?

Too bad. I don't have one.

But, as usual, I have a few snapshots of half-eaten food that I'll share with you.

I'm beginning to veer from one of my frequent breakfasts: oats, strawberry jam or fresh strawberries, and chocolate protein powder.

I call it chocolate-covered strawberry oatmeal.

It is very tasty.

<--- pre choco

<--- post choco

This is the protein powder I've been adding to my oatmeal. It tastes delish. But, check out that laundry list of ingredients.

No thanks.

So, we decided to see other people and I'm trying to pawn this tasty, ingredient-dense powder on someone who doesn't care what the back of the package says.

Any takers?

Since I broke up with my powder, I bought liquid egg whites and I've put that in my oatmeal. Sound gross? It's not. It firms right up and I flavor it with some jam and berries and I'm ready to rock. Much better. All ingredients I recognize.

Here's my half eaten lunch from yesterday. Roasted chicken breast with a kale, quinoa, tangerine salad.

Snack from yesterday.

Don't think I need to explain this one...hopefully.

Just in case you're wondering what my typical grocery list looks like, here it is.

Staples that you will most likely ALWAYS find in my fridge or pantry:

Peanut butter
Eggs/egg whites
Coconut or almond milk
Rice or rice cakes

I've mentioned my peanut butter addiction before. But, just to reiterate, I buy my next jar of peanut butter before I finish the current jar because I never want to be without it. You may think that's obsessive, I think it's proactive.

And yes, I eat bacon.

Until next time, have fun being bad.