Friday, March 8, 2013

Just call me Oprah

Do you know how many of you read my last blog post?

A lot. Thank you for stroking my ego.

A lot of bloggers do posts about their favorite things and Oprah has a whole show about it, so it's my turn.

my favorite things

1. Pinterest. This site saved me while I was online shopping for things for my new apartment. I created a board just for apartment ideas, pinned things I saw online, and went back later to show my mister right what I'd found.

2. Brooklyn. My new home base. So much to do there and we LOVE our new neighborhood!

Holler to this guy for the sick pic

3. Mexican food. I used to HATE Mexican food. All the gooey, cheesy enchiladas grossed me out and I felt like I couldn't ever find anything. My, how the times have changed. Now, I could eat Mexican and/or Spanish-influenced cuisine every day. I love soft (corn) tacos filled with glorious meats, chips and salsa, arepas, pupusas, rice and beans, and PLANTAINS. I. LOVE. PLANTAINS.

4. Jillian Michaels. I like her no-bullshit attitude on the biggest loser. Also, I like that she hasn't always been thin.

5. Apples. Over the last few months, I've eaten almost an apple a day. I can't get enough of them! Also, grapes are particularly delish too. Especially frozen ones.

6. Ian McEwan. He's the well-known author of Atonement (yes, it was a book before it was a movie). I'm reading one of his early novels and falling in love with his writing just as I did with Atonement. He's literally painting with words. I don't know how else to describe it. I plan on reading his most popular books chronologically. Starting with The Cement Garden.

7. Gold jewelry. I never liked gold. I was always silver all the way. But, I've officially crossed over. I'm loving my gold statement jewelry these days.

8. Kanye and Eminem. I don't love rap or hip hop. But, my mister right does and he has probably been the biggest influence of my growing love for Kanye. I really dig his jams. I do not, however, understand the obsession with his lady. Kim Kardashian's fame baffles me. 


My love for Eminem, on the other hand, existed way before that. I find that my love for Marshal Mathers increases depending on how much running I'm doing, since Lose Yourself is my all-time, hands-down favorite running song. Try it. AMAZZZZZING.

9. Warby Parker. I got new WP glassies for Christmas and I am loving them!!! Already shopping for my next pair.

10. Survivor. Yes, it's still on! I watched last season and was hooked! It helps me work out harder when I think about all we would have to endure if the Apocalypse were upon us. Survivors would be prepared. Hopefully I will be too.

Okay, enough of that. On to the important things: food. On workout days, breakfast is broken up into two parts for me: preworkout and postworkout. Below is a banana chocolate chip oatmeal protein bar (could that name be any longer?) I made and snacked on. Yum.

Lunch was leftover pad thai with beef, scrimps, and broccoli. Unfortunately, I used WAY too much noodles, so it's more noodles than produce, but I've learned that lesson for next time...

Dinner was from my new favorite spot, Hu Kitchen. Everything is real food and freshly made. I had roasted chicken with sauteed collard greens...

My sexy companion (you know who you are) had the roasted chicken with grilled pineapple...

I can't

Welp, that's all I have for today. Enjoy the weekend and, as always, have fun being bad. I sure will.