Friday, October 26, 2012

Dig Inn

Well, I've eaten a lot over the last three days since my last post, so let's get to it.

Tuesday, I had a typical breakfast after my run (some sort of oatmeal concoction).

For lunch, I had this incredible tuna salad that I made and wrapped it all up in brown rice tort. Scrumptious. Fruits on the side.

On Wednesday, I had a few of these whole grain fruit bars that I made pre-CF, then had a chocolate banana protein shake when I got to work.

I ordered from this new place, Dig Inn, since I forgot to pack a lunch. You get to create your own plate and it tells you every ingredient and allergen. It's awesome and I absolutely loved it.

I got a small plate with rosemary turkey, roasted sweet potatoes, kale & apple salad, and curried cauliflower with raisins (left to right). It was delish.
 I went home from work and baked some spinach-stuffed chicken breasts for lunches. They came out looking pretty good, huh? I did all this before the boy and I went out for a night on the town. On a Wednesday night. I felt so chic.

I snacked, had two screwdrivers, and wrapped the night up with a grilled chicken salad with spinach and goat cheese.

Yesterday, I started my day with some ab&j oatmeal, with fresh strawberries.

Lunch was a shredded spinach-stuffed chicken over a leftover spinach, strawberry, goat cheese salad, and a sweet potato. 

Lunch was fab, except for the fact that my fridge at work is too cold. So, anything on the top shelf (close to the freezer), typically ends up frozen. So, I didn't gnaw on my frozen strawberries...

After work, my friend invited me over for girl's night....I discovered my new favorite Pinot Noir, ate some delicious gluten free chicken and dumplins, and....

Rediscovered my passion for all things pumpkin...that was fast...

Gluten free pumpkin bread...disappearing quickly

I was in such a panic this morning as all of the trains on the east side of Manhattan were suspended, so I had to take a very long detour to work. But along the way, I very appreciatively noticed the changing of the leaves in Central Park. It was beautiful and made me so grateful for my life in the best city in the world. It's so worth the pain in the ass trek to work to get to say I live here.

Although, I was feeling grateful this morning, I don't know that the hundreds of New Yorkers elbowing past each other felt the same. In fact, I know they didn't. New Yorkers are very vocal as it turns out.

'Til next time, have fun being bad.