Sunday, May 12, 2013


Okay, so I have a really fun post today. Remember when I told you about that DIY project we did a while back? Welp, I'm ready to share!

You can't see them very well in this picture, but we had these very plain side tables from Ikea.

I looked at what felt like a million different stores/sites and couldn't find something that (a) I liked and (b) fit into our budget.

So, we decided we would just make due with what we had and take on a do-it-yourself project!

We took the tables outside and wiped them clean.

We sanded down every little inch of these guys.

We applied this paintable wallpaper to the front of the drawers.

It had to dry for a while, so we let the drawers rest for a few days.

And then we spray painted the shit outta these guys. 

I wanted something a little different, so we opted for a metallic silver.

We bought these cute little coral knobs from Anthropologie.

Altogether, this is the finished product!

Not bad for our first DIY, huh?

The silver was a risky choice, but we actually love it. 
My favorite part of DIY projects = affordability. We did all of this for under $100.
I'm off to make a scrumptious Mother's Day mini feast. Wish me luck.