Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My usual shenanigans

If you read my last post, which you should have, then you know I had a dreamy weekend.

I had to get back to real life, so I'm back to my usual shenanigans. What does that mean?


The boy and I engaged in a little drinking game someone suggested on Twitter: take a drink every time Des sheds a tear or says any of the following: blessed, fairytale, amazing, or prince charming.

I was ready to go - with wine, which usually spells disaster. Luckily, I got to drink my wine at a reasonable pace and go to bed stone cold sober because there was nothing fairytale or prince charming about the majority of the guys. If you don't watch, this is the season to jump in after Des has time to weed out the weirdos. If you do watch, was that the worst group of guys yet or what?!

Moving on (until next week).

 Lunch yesterday was a smoked salmon and goat cheese sandwich with a few apple slices on gluten free bread.

I love Udi's brand of GF bread - I usually get the whole grain version, but tried the regular this time. 

I'll stick with whole grain from now on as this one looks uncomfortably similar to white bread.

Also, toasted is recommended...otherwise it's too crumbly.

In the mix: 

smoked salmon
goat cheese

 I wasn't feeling great last night, so the boy grilled up some turkey burgers from whole foods and roasted some cauliflowers.

I topped mine with avocado and tomato.

The boy topped his with...well, everything.

I ended the evening with yet another feeble attempt at defeating level 97 on Candy Crush. How many of you out there threaten to quit playing at least once a day? What's the definition of insanity again?

Memorial Day Recap

Wow. No one prepared me for how difficult it would be to come back to work after vacation.

Rude awakening.

I spent the long weekend in Florida by the pool soaking in the sun. I'm feelin' a little crispy after shocking my skin with so much sun time, but it was good to get out and enjoy the first weekend of summer!

It was very early...I added an egg white and the whole thing fell apart.


As soon as we got in, I demanded lunch.

Which resulted in my favorite meal of the weekend: Blackened red snapper with sautéed veggies and sweet plantains.

The plantains were the stars of the show.


Ahi tuna salad appetizer from my favorite restaurant in Jupiter!

My dinner: blackened fish (I can't remember what kind it was!) with coconut rice and cucumber and fruit salads.

Mr. Right's dinner: angel hair crusted tuna over salad.

I helped him finish this...

The yogurt options there weren't as good as NYC, but we made due :)

They did have one pro: dividers! One side was coffee with chocolate chips and the other was pb& surprises there.

When we weren't eating, we were outside.

While the boy and I thoroughly enjoyed our outdoors time, our phones did not. 

We saw a lot of this screen this weekend.

I caught up with some lovely old friends whom I've missed dearly.

We have a thing for being silly.

We also visited the animals at Lion Country Safari.

We got to feed this guy!! 

Isn't he cute?!

We bonded.

The animals just roam freely, so we got to see a bunch of them up close.

Though LCS claims these fellas are not aggressive, I drove past them pretty quickly.

They are huge and have horns and I didn't want to get cocky and linger long enough to see them break from the usual and attack my car.

Also, ostriches are BY FAR the weirdest looking animals alive.

Just chillin' by the side of the road. NBD.

We got back early Monday and, I swear, we brought the sunny weather with us, so we got out and enjoyed it!

Look at those clear skies!

It's so nice to get away from the city every once in a while. We got to drive everywhere, lay by the pool, and eat lots of Caribbean fare, which is one of my favorite food groups. It was absolutely wonderful.

But, we had a great time coming back home and enjoying all that NYC had to offer on Memorial Day.

Stay tuned for a recap of my eats for the week!