Monday, April 15, 2013

Not a great start to the week

Friends, I'm so sad about what's happening in Boston right now. Really, what is the world coming to when we can't even rely on physical activity to provide the escape from violence that we so desperately need these days? I'm so sad and disappointed in humanity right now. 

To distract me from the tragedy, I figured you and I would discuss food. 

Friday's lunch was absolutely delicious and it was a total mish mosh of leftovers and prepared food from the grocery store near work. Love me a happy accident.

In the bowl we have brown rice, slow cooked chicken breast, sauteed kale, and roasted veggies.

I'm trying to kick my "must eat chocolate after every meal" habit, so I ate about a pound of these babies between lunch and time to go home.

First of all, plain ginger chews rock my sox off any day of the week. They're so weird and chewy and they take my tummy ache away if I'm feeling gross or nauseated. Win win win.

Most of you may think that I jumped on the peanut butter flavor, but you would be wrong. I thought it was a little weird, so I stayed away for a bit. But, then I got curious. And then I got addicted.

Friday night I was on my own for dinner, so I cooked up some leftovers. This looks really healthy but, don't worry, I followed this up with an ungodly amount of chocolate. My resolution lasted less than 12 hours. Cool.

I actually woke up really early on Friday and made a batch of my favorite pancakes. I had some right then (how can you not), but I really made them for my pre-run meal.

I started with four pancakes, but ended up going for more. That's a total of 6 pancakes. Because who just eats a single pancake? Good girls. Not bad ones...wink.

My run was mega shitty. I've been having some IT Band issues and it really killed me on Saturday. It was super lame. At the same time, I feel like only true athletes get injured, so I felt pretty bad ass.

I spent most of the rest of the day on Saturday in the above state. That's an ice pack. With my feet planted firmly on my coffee table.

In fact, I spent most of my Sunday that way too. 

There may or may not have been a housewarming party that I hosted at my house with around 30 people in attendance somewhere in there, but I can't remember. And I have no proof because I was busy in the kitchen and took zero pictures. So, believe what you wish.

I did take time to have brunch with a friend on Sunday and got a chance to experience Spring springing in New York. May I just say that, if I wasn't hobbling painfully along, I would have galloped to brunch. The sun was out. The blooms were bloomin'. It was a great day.

Although the NYC weather seems to have schizophrenia and can't land on a definitive season, the trees and plants are aligned, so the city is a pretty sight.

Since I'm walking so slow, I'm taking the time to enjoy the weather before the season quickly changes to summer and my skin starts melting off.

'Til next time, have fun being bad.