Friday, May 10, 2013

Take me to Downton Abbey, please...

Do any of you watch Downton Abbey? I'm most of the way through Season 2 and I. Am. Addicted. I'm not gonna lie, it's kept me a little preoccupied this week.

Let's chat about food.

Wednesday's lunch was a simple mixed green salad with leftover roasted zucchini, slivered almonds, baked chicken... apricot (isn't he cute?!)

...and this yummy dressing (highly recommended).

Dinner was more baked chicken and sauteed kale.

I got halfway through this before I remembered I have a food blog and should snap a picture.

I probably ate dessert after this, but I honestly can't remember.

Breakfast yesterday was pb&j oatmeal. 

Lunch was leftover sauteed kale and a yummy chicken sausage.

Simple. Delicious.

I like the Aidell's and Bilinski's brand -- this one was the Aidell's Artichoke & Garlic. SO GOOD.

Another apricot for dessert.

Yogurt, granola, and honey for a snack.

I also made these brownies from Juli at PaleOMG. Did you know there are more than one kind of sweet potato? I didn't really know that. I found a sign that said "sweet potatoes" at the market, so I picked a few and used one for this recipe. 

Turns out it was a Japanese sweet potato.

It's actually sweeter than regular sweet potatoes, so it worked for the recipe, but it wasn't as mashy and the taters weren't very incognito in these brownies.

See what I mean?

I shared these with some friends at work and they all really liked them. Didn't even mind the tater chunks!

I loved them -- they were not only under 100 calories each, they are dairy, nut, and grain free!

 I had about four of these throughout the day. 

Although these were awesome, I definitely want to try them with normal sweet potatoes and a touch more cocoa powder to make them more dark chocolatey.

Mmm. I'm getting excited already.

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