Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who's counting?

Ask me about my weekend. 

It was awesome, thanks. I spent half the day on Saturday wandering around Brooklyn, trying to figure out which way was up and the rest of the day trying to get out of there.

We did come across this gem.

The World's Largest Menorah. So they claim. 

My first Hanukkah was greeted with screams and bounces of jubilee as I opened my first gift.

A gloriously purple ice cream maker.

Who has some cool recipes? Everything I look at is inspiration for ice cream now.

Cinnamon roll ice cream
Eggnog Ice cream
Pancakes n' Syrup ice cream
Peppermint Bark ice cream
Peanut butter n Jelly ice cream

It's all happening. Just wait.

In other news, did you know that I love the Lady of Pop? 

Well, I do.

I think she's cool and that we should be friends. I also love these pictures by Terri Richardson. I love that he captures her doing such normal things. Like putting milk in her coffee, getting her hair dyed, eating, and brushing her teeth. 

It reminds me that she and I are not all that different. She just has way more fans and wears fake eyelashes. There are more differences (like the Grammy awards and international fame), but who's counting.

Anyway, to remind myself that I can achieve just about anything (even a pullup), I made the Lady my cover photo on my iPhone.

Inspiring, no?

Today, I snacked on a Larabar (pbj flavor, duh) at 6am while packing my clothes for work and watching Season 4 of True Blood on the iPad.

As it was someone's birthday at work, a coworker brought in some delicious doughnuts to celebrate (and test my self failed, as usual). I had a lot of little pieces that probably added up to a whole, but who knows.

I haven't eaten lunch yet, but I won't even bother taking a picture of it because it looks like poo. Indian lentils with grilled chicken and rice is yummy, but not pretty. I'll take a picture of the next pretty thing I eat. Worry not.

Until next time, have fun being bad.


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